What a Sober Companion is Not


A Sober Companion is not a 24/7 professional representative for any 12-step program.

A professional Sober Companion does not move into your home to take you through the 12 Steps.

Each Sober Companion we hire is a 12-Step member and is prohibited from taking money to perform what must remain voluntary activities.

We are not advocates of the 12 Steps for every client;
We are advicates of healing for every client.

Sober Champion does not proselytize any exclusive pathway to recovery – we do whatever works for our client.

Many therapeutic modalities emphasize unresolved ISSUES impacting today. A coach will challenge you to drop the story about how messed up you are and to focus on what you can do TODAY to move forward. A Sober Companion focuses on the present and future, while therapy too often focuses on the past.

At Sober Champion, we simply do not believe that a person who is not in recovery can effectively coach a newly recovering addict. Therefore, every one of our providers is a recovering addict or alcoholic. Not every one of us, however, is a 12-Step member.

If a Sober Companion is a 12-Stepper, any service he/she provides there is volunteer work. Companions do it on their own time.

Some Companions specialize in helping clients find alternatives to 12-step recovery.

The best Sober Companion will challenge and support the client to make lifestyle changes and experience a better quality of living. We have a robust set of elements to help you avoid frustration and other triggering episodes that lead to relapse.

We want our clients to avoid relapse and end the cycle of multiple trips to treatment. We help our clients become more effective, stay serene, and get “back to center”.

Sober Companions know it is normal for people early in recovery to have a really tough time – that’s why they hire US.  This client doesn’t need institutionalization. They don’t need amateur sobriety sleuths shouting slogans.  Slogans can be great mnemonic devices but they are not always the most effective healing tools.

Coaching ethics and guidelines require that if a client is primarily seeking relief from physical, emotional or psychological pain they must to be referred to another mental health professional. Sober Coaching is not, therefore, a catchall for patients that other professionals don’t want.

Sober Companions focus on establishing goals and developing a strong community support system while enjoying quality of life, balance and wellness…after rehab.